AI operates all women's flights

AI operates all women's flights

Capt V Roopa

City-based pilot Capt V Roopa will be in command, while Capt Niranjana Ashok, another Bangalorean, will be the co-pilot. 

The cabin crew will comprise Mohita Ponnappa, Sneha Annagiri, Shruthi Chowdhury and Rituparna Dasgupta. The same crew will return to Bangalore from Delhi operating the flight AI 506.

The national carrier will be operating 11 “All women crew” flights across its wide network of domestic and international stations to mark the occasion. These flights will also be part of the celebrations marking 100 years of civil aviation in India.

Air India had created history in December 1985 by operating the first all women crew flight in the world from Calcutta to Silchar on a Fokker Friendship F 27 aircraft.  Since then Air India continues to honour women by operating “All women crew” flights on March 8.

The national carrier’s scheduled flights with all-women crew on the domestic sectors on Tuesday include AI 409/410 on the Delhi-Patna-Delhi sector, AI-469 on Delhi-Raipur-Nagpur-Delhi route, AI-811/812 on Delhi-Lucknow-Delhi route, AI-603/604 on Mumbai-Bangalore-Mumbai sector, AI-569/167 on Chennai-Mumbai-Chennai, AI 804/506 on Bangalore-Delhi-Bangalore sector, and Air India Express flight IX302 between Kozhikode and Mumbai. Air India has a contingent of 157 women pilots flying its fleet of wide and narrow body aircraft on international and domestic routes.