Road to recovery

Every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm, watch House — Season 6 on AXN.

The brand new drama series is the story of Dr Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie. In this season, Mr House begins to develop relationships with some of the patients in the psychiatric hospital.

But when devastating events ensue, he is humbled into reluctantly accepting help, and begins a winding and twisted road to recovery. 

Stepping into a woman’s shoes 

Manish Paul will be seen playing a girl in Pyaar Mein Twist on Star Plus. Manish had earlier played a girl in one of the episodes of Comedy Circus and received very good comments from the judges of the show for his act.

In an upcoming episode of the show, he will be depicting his wife Rekha aka Roshni Chopra. Manish who plays Amol, a very geeky character, in the romantic comedy will be donning the look of his ultra glam wife played by Roshni Chopra. Says Manish, “I had earlier played a girl on one of the episodes of Comedy Circus where I received very good comments. But for this show, I will have to dress and behave like Roshni who plays a modern girl. Essaying a girl is challenging in itself but playing a glamourous girl like Rekha is even more challenging.” Well hope the girl thing works once again for Manish.

World of glamour

Take a trip to ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ as Star World airs Las Vegas. The channel is going to take its Indian audiences on a roller-coaster ride with this show, which is all about the glitzy glamour world of casinos, shopping and fine dining. Get an inside view of the stunning world of Vegas as the Las Vegas team gets down to action. Know all about the high-stakes and glamourous world of casinos and its underbelly — every Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

An economic miracle

The organised chaos of the dabbawallas in Mumbai is nothing short of an economic miracle — in the metropolis of 20 million people, 5000 dabbawallas deliver 200000 lunches everyday in colour-coded tins — and only one in 16 million tins ever gets lost! It’s an extraordinarily simple yet staggeringly effective system. Dabbawalla — The Lunchbox Miracle airs on Discovery Channel on March 9 at 8 pm.

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