'The world is waiting for talent from Asia'

'The world is waiting for talent from Asia'


'The world is waiting for talent from Asia'


Apache Indian, who gave the world hits like Boom Shakalaka, Arranged Marriage and Chok There was in the City recently as part of the Music is Freedom India Tour 2011.

Ardent admirers thronged the venue to get a glimpse of their childhood superstar.

People were seen voicing the lyrics of some of his greatest hits with feverish excitement. 

Apache Indian’s music is believed to have influenced an entire generation with many in the audience claiming that they were so much in awe of him that they imitated his accent to perfection.

The musical legend spoke to Metrolife about his spectacular journey that has garnered him millions of fans worldwide.

About his experiences in India, he says, “It is absolutely fantastic to be here. India is always special. It is just great to see this whole new culture. This young generation is doing a lot of different things and it is truly amazing to witness this change. The reggae and hip-hop scene in India is picking up. These are truly exciting times.”

Apache has always had strong views on racism. When asked if his strong views on it are attributed to personal experiences, he says, “Yes, I have experienced it. I have also noticed that with time the situation has only worsened.”

Will he be shifting back to India anytime soon? “In the next couple of years, I intend to move back to India, that is once my kids are probably out of college. If it was only me, I would have been here long ago,” he adds.

Apache is coming out with his new album in May this year, titled Music is Freedom. About the new album he says, “It will deal with issues like racism, world politics and the strength that people possess in bringing change, by standing up against errant policies.”

As a word of advice to youngsters pursuing music, he says, “It is essential to be part of something that you enjoy. Pursue music for all the right reasons. Your music should be able to represent you. Ask yourself why you are doing it and keep it real. There is a whole new world out there that is waiting for talent from Asia. I am still here only because I love what I do.”

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