Greens urge government to take on timber mafia in district

Greens urge government to take on timber mafia in district

Addressing a news conference here on Tuesday, Association President Subhash said the timber mafia was becoming powerful daily in the district. Hundreds of trees in the Western Ghats worth lakhs of rupees were being smuggled out. The trees have been in possession of the lobbyists for the last somany years. This would definitely have an impact on the eco system.

The wild animals stray into the nearby villages in search of food. Unfortunately, the forest officials were reportedly hand-in-glove with the timer lobby, he claimed.

The smugglers were looting priceless trees from the forests by procuring the permit to till the agriculture lands inside the forests.


Hundreds of trees on the ‘Gomaala’ land have vanished. Apart from these permission has been given to set up the Hydel power project in the forests, which is sure to destroy further forest wealth. If the same situation continue, the Western Ghats would become bald within a few years, he lamented.

Subhash also accused Range Forest Officer Chandraprabha of helping the culprits. The officer issued them permits to carry on illegal activities inside the forests. The Department of Forests had taken action on two forest officials for nabbing the wood smugglers but left free the RFO.

The environmentalists were also not raising their voices against timber mafia, and some relatives of these so called nature lovers too were involved in this illegal business. He asked organisations to join hands and fight against the timber mafia. As the elected representatives, forest minister have failed to look into the matter, it has become inevitable to launch an indefinite hunger protest, he stated. If the authorities concerned fail to take action within a week, they would begin a hunger protest at the DC’s office premises, he said.

Office-bearers of the association Pradeep, Yogendra, Anoop and others were present.