Hasina's son accuses Grameen Bank of fraud

Hasina's son accuses Grameen Bank of fraud

Sajeeb has accused Grameen founder and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus and his family of embezzlement, New Age said Wednesday quoting from an email sent to international agencies, rights bodies and US officials.

The report came a day after Yunus lost an appeal before the high court challenging his removal as managing director of Grameen Bank by Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank.

Sajeeb, who calls himself “Adviser to Sheikh Hasina", confirmed being the source of the email, the newspaper said.

Sajeeb has accused Grameen Bank of using “draconian measures” to recover loans.
The bank denied the allegations, calling them “completely false”, “utterly misconceived”, based on “inaccurate facts” and misleading.

Media reports Wednesday carried reactions from prominent personalities suggesting that in dismissing Yunus’ petition, the high court had taken a narrow legal stand and ignored the contribution made by Yunus.