China undertaking infrastructure development in Tibet: Army

China undertaking infrastructure development in Tibet: Army

"It is understood China is undertaking infrastructure development programme in TAR including construction of roads, railways and airfields," an Army report said.

It said the total road network in TAR was assessed at 58,000 kms in 2010, adding the extension of Qinghai Tibet Railway to Xigaze by the Chinese is also in progress.

"Another railway line from Kashgar to Hotan in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) is under construction by the Chinese," the report said.

Five airfields in TAR -- Gongar, Pangta, Linchi, Hoping and Gar Gunsa -- have become operational, a Defence spokesman quoting the report said.

Necessary steps are being taken to ensure that national security concerns are adequately addressed through development of infrastructure including rail, roads and forward air fields as well as operational capabilities of the armed forces, the report said.