Recalled Hussey joins team-mates

Recalled Hussey joins team-mates

“Hussey joined us this morning and is obviously eager to have a shot at the nets,” said Clarke here on Wednesday. “He was keen to get into nets as early as six in the morning.

So, he is as keen as other players to get some batting practice in these conditions. Hussey brings a lot into the team, lot of experience in these conditions. His career in all forms of the game is as good as anybody else. His record is unbelievable in one-day cricket and has been successful in the sub-continent as well.

“You have to be experienced no matter what the conditions are. He has played lot of cricket in the sub-continent and he is going to play a huge part. So far the guys in the middle-order haven’t had much of an opportunity but this is just the start of the tournament and experience in the middle-order will surely help as the tournament goes on. In the past he has shown us, he can go out and win games on his own in any form of the game. So I am very confident that having Hussey around is going to help us,” he elaborated.

The Australian vice-captain, however, sidestepped the question on why a batsman (Hussey) has rerplaced a bowler. “Selectors take all the decisions on who will play for Australia and who will represent the team,” was his retort.

“Ricky Ponting (the captain) plays a part as well being the captain. I don’t know how it all went about because I am not the captain or the selector. I am pretty sure, once Doug (Bollinger) was ruled out of the tournament, the selectors would have got together and spoken about what’s the best for the team. When the team was first selected, Hussey wasn’t selected after picking up an injury and he wasn’t fully fit but now he is back in the team,” he opined.