Govt wants to stop food wastage

Govt wants to stop food wastage

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Govt wants to stop food wastage

The Centre wants to put an end to the wastage of food in big ceremonies like marriages, public functions or occasions of mass feeding.

Taking serious note of the wastage of food in functions, the Centre is planning to introduce a law to ensure that food is not be wasted. “The government wants to stop wastage of food in functions as well as foodgrain stored in godowns or vegetables,” Food and Consumer Affairs Minister K V Thomas told Deccan Herald here on Wednesday.

The Union Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs has decided to constitute a National Food Advisory committee headed by noted agricultural scientist M S Swaminathan and take its views on how to prevent wastage of food, foodgrain and vegetables.

As, according to an estimate, close to 20 per cent of foodgrain and vegetables in India are wasted, the Centre has now woken up to put an end to such profligacy and, in turn, take steps to provide food to the poor and the hungry, Thomas said.

After directing department staff to compile details on how governments abroad have taken steps to stop food wastage, the minister has instructed officials to study the legislations that the Assam and Manipur governments enacted in the early 60s to prevent wastage of food in public functions.

"There were some states where laws were introduced to put restrictions on unwanted expenditure. We will look at such examples before framing the law," Thomas said, adding that the government wanted to start a public campaign against wastage of foodgrain to create awareness among the public.