Fifty years of design for 'Prince of Chintz'

Fifty years of design for 'Prince of Chintz'

All sorts of honours are accruing to him, including the renaming of the materials library at the New York School of Interior Design as the Mario Buatta Atelier. “We’re a New York institution and he’s a New York institution,” said Christopher J. Cyphers, president of the school, open since 1916.

One evening recently, Buatta, 75, was home, answering his phone, as is his habit, after having spent the day working on Mariah Carey’s apartment, which he first decorated in the late 1990s.

Asked if he has ever had anything such as “The Mario Buatta Atelier’ named after him?
“No, it’s a first. It’s a very nice honour. I told them it should be an “Italier” because I’m not French. I’m getting all these calls from women I’ve never met asking to see my private atelier.”Right now, he’s working on Mariah Carey’s nursery. “She’s having twins.

I was in there today. I’d done the apartment years ago, and it’s all just the same, like a museum. She doesn’t entertain there. She likes the surroundings to be private.

People like her, their homes are the one place they can say, ‘This is mine and no one is seeing it.’”