BBC Worldwide planning to enter fiction space on Indian TV

Last Updated 10 March 2011, 09:55 IST

Myleeta Aga, Creative Head and General Manager, BBC Worldwide, told PTI that the details are being worked out and an announcement will be made soon.

Aga said BBC Worldwide owns International formats of Jhalak... (Dancing with the Stars) and Wife... (Week The Women Went), but it is aiming to conceptualise an Indian non-fiction show which can travel worldwide.

"We are working on various concepts of a non-fiction format. Let's see how it materialises," she added.

Speaking of "Wife Bina Life", Aga said the show is a social experiment which has not been shown on television before in India.

She said currently 'Dancing With The Stars' has concluded its 11th season in the USA and 9th in the UK.

"Every market is different. Fundamentally, the format is same but adaptations are made as per the local tastes and audiences. In Week The Women Went, the core format is appreciating the woman of the house," she added.

Aga said BBC Worldwide works closely with the channels while producing the Indian versions of Dancing...and Week the Women Went. "The channels understand the audience best and we know our format," she said adding that freshness is brought to every season through cast,judges, sets and the music.

(Published 10 March 2011, 09:55 IST)

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