62 million Indians to be affected with CAD by 2015: Expert

62 million Indians to be affected with CAD by 2015: Expert

Over the last three decades, the prevalence of CAD has increased by 300 per cent, from two per cent to six per cent in rural and from four to 12 per cent in Urban India, Dr Thomas Alexander, Course Director of LUMEN STEMI Meeting, (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction), USA, said.

By 2015, it was projected that the number of Indians with CAD will reach 62 million of which 23 million will be below 40 and 10 million younger than 30- years, Alexander said.
He was quoting a study, released as part of a two-day International meeting on heart attack, jointly organised by Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital (KMCH) here and LUMEN STEMI, from March 12 here.

Experts have estimated that over three million heart attacks occurred every year in India, though accurate statistics were not available, Alexander said.

Alexander said Kovai Lumen STEMI Meeting aimed to further the goals of the UN in tackling heart disease which was one of its priorities.

A study called Kovai Erode STEMI Pilot Study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of developing STEMI programme in Erode district and based on the results, Alexander said that a larger Tamil Nadu STEMI program was being planned in collaboration with STAR Insurance and Emergemcy Management and Research Institute.

A National body, STEMI INDIA, is also being set up so as to develop a national STEMI Program and to train doctors all over the country on the latest management practices in STEMI Care, Dr Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman, KMCH, said.