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‘I fight to survive’

STRONG: SudeepIf there is one name that can evoke interest in Bangalore, it could only be Kempegowda. And if someone, as popular as Sudeep, acts in a movie by the name of the Bangalore’s founder, the fan interest has to be overwhelming.

 A big budget film, Kempegowda has Sudeep donning the role of a cop.

“I think every cop who watches this movie would wish that the State had at least one such cop in the police department. It is tough to stand your ground amidst so much of corruption but that’s the crux of the story,” Sudeep tells Metrolife.

Sudeep also points out that more than the storyline it is the screenplay that has made this movie different. “It’s a very intense role and I play an angry man. Also nothing would be better if my movie does well amidst exams and the World Cup season,” Sudeep says.

A story woven around a cop is nothing new but Sudeep has tweaked the character a little, “I’ve not made the cop’s role too loud nor has the role been made to appear larger than life. He’s an honest, straight officer who steadily rises in rank. There’s no influence. He climbs through sheer merit,” says Sudeep.

Sudeep observes that he would have liked the police officers in real to be like the one in the movie but, “that’s too much to ask for when corruption rules at every stage,” he says.

What about Sudeep’s plans to quit the film industry altogether? Does he still hold on to that decision? “I would like to quit at a time when I am still ruling. My decision to quit the industry is certain but I don't know when. My decision has been influenced by lots of developments happening around me. There are different treatments and different levels of respect given to actors in the industry. Some are more equal than the others. I fight to survive not to kill. I have always been a fighter,” says Sudeep.
He says he has been humiliated and sidelined by unexpected quarters from within the Kannada industry.

When asked if Kempegowda would be the deciding factor for him to bid adieu to the industry altogether, he says, “My movies are a bridge between the people and me. Like I said, when I feel I don’t want to stay longer in the film industry I will quit,” he sums up.

Nina C George 

Tussle between actor and producer

Kannada actor Chetan has been pretty excited about his directorial debut Gandharva but there are a few people who are hell bent on making things hard for the actor. There were rumours that Chetan will be collaborating with producer N Ravikumar but now things have taken a U turn and Chetan sought to clarify why he is still rethinking on working with Ravi on this project. Chetan has been working overtime to ensure that his directorial gets its due. “There have been so many people in the Kannada film industry who have achieved success through sheer hard work and it is the diversity that makes this industry special but the one thing that is most important for the success of any film is that it must be technically sound,” says Chetan.

Chetan further says that while he respects Ravi’s knowledge of the Kannada film industry it always pays to keep up one’s word, “Ravi took responsibility of getting in the actors and other technical aspects but I don’t know what made him pull back. It could be his fiscal constraints or his priorities might have changed overnight. It always pays to keep up commitments,” explains Chetan.  

Ravi clarifies that he has had to deal with last minute changes in budget. “The amount quoted at first was different from what is being quoted now. There are has been a lot of interference from Chetan’s end and that’s something I don’t appreciate. We were ready to take off for shooting, that’s when all the misunderstanding happened,” explains Ravi. Ravi says he will meet Chetan in a few days time and try to sort out things. Chetan is yet to finalise the female lead for the film. “I would prefer to zero in on someone who can speak fluent Kannada,” he says.

Waiting for good fortune

HOPEFUL: Vijay RaghavendraVijay Raghavendra, who was last seen in Gokula is back on screens again in Shravana.

Having starred in many multi-starrers, this time too Vijay will be seen with Sandeep, Bhuvan and Gayathri Iyer.

The film has a strong message. “It shows how the city educated youth can contribute towards development of the rural areas. And it is the heroine of the film who shows the way. I play the role of an unemployed and educated youth who shares the room with two other guys. It’s after meeting this village girl that their whole life changes,” says Vijay Raghavendra.

Shravana is considered to be the month of happiness and prosperity and director Rajshekhar also hopes the movie will bring in good luck not only to him but also to the entire industry.

“All of us have good and bad times in our lives. Similarly, in the film we have focussed on how one has to be brave during the bad times and await the good times to roll. The film deals with such situations and has a positive message,” he adds.   

The film had been shelved for a long time and then Rajshekhar decided to release it  alongside one of the most awaited films of the year Kempegowda. “I don’t think it will affect our box office collections. Firstly, my film has an original script whereas Kempegowda is a remake. Also the latter is an action-oriented movie while mine is an emotional female-oriented subject. I think the audiences will have a good combination this week,” he states.

Unlike other directors, Rajshekhar is also not scared of the ongoing World Cup. In fact he is more confident that people will come to the theatres despite the match this Sunday. “I have observed that people don’t come to the theatres only when India is playing. My target audiences are largely in small places,” he explains.

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