ZP members take EE to task

The official submitted wrong information on projects
Last Updated 10 March 2011, 17:14 IST

In the ZP general meeting presided over by Shanteyanda Ravi Kushalappa at Old Fort Hall on Thursday, all party members alleged the Executive Engineer for closing the files as ‘work done’ even when the drinking water projects in many places of the districts are half complete.

The BJP members Kodandera P Ganapati, Kanti Belyappa, Bharatish, Ballaranda Mani Utthappa, the Congress members Bananda M Prathyu and M S Venkatesh complained that despite the works related to the drinking water projects in their constituencies are incomplete, the Executive Engineer has mentioned in the progress reports as the works are completed.  

Kadanoor constituency member Kanthi Belyappa said that the engineers have not constructed cement rings around the open wells and have left the work half done.
Bittangala constituency member Kodandera P Ganapati criticised the engineer for not accomplishing the task despite ZP sanctioning the funds for various projects. “The Assistant Executive Engineer who was supposed to attend the meeting too has not attended the meeting,” he said.

Explaining one of the cases where misappropriation has occurred, Siddhapur constituency member M S Venkatesh said, the drinking water project worth Rs 4.65 lakh is yet to get the electricity connection, but the progress report says that the work has been completed.

Listening to all the complaints, Zilla Panchayat  President Shanteyanda Ravi Kushalappa who lost his temper took the Zilla Panchayat  Executive Engineer Keshavmoorthy for task. “Are you playing any game here? The work system you used to follow from the past five years will not work any more. If you can not work properly, then move out of this district,” he rebuked.

In response to the President’s firing, the Engineer asked pardon for submitting wrong information. “I will provide proper information in another two days,” Keshavmoorthy assured.

Kodandera Ganapati urged the President to form a committee to investigate into the matter.  It was decided in the meeting to list out the works which need to be completed soon to avoid drinking water problem in the summer. The list will be handed over to the task force led by the MLA and he will be asked to send a proposal to the government asking for the financial aid.

A sum of Rs 100 crore has been reserved to solve drinking water problem in the summer. “We will try to bring yet more funds,” said the Zilla Panchayat President.

(Published 10 March 2011, 17:14 IST)

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