Drinking coffee 'can cut women's stroke risk'

Drinking coffee 'can cut women's stroke risk'

And, women who don't drink coffee at all may actually be increasing their risk for stroke, the study has warned.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, who carried out the study, have also found evidence that drinking more than a cup of coffee a day can help ward off diabetes and liver cancer in women.

"Some women've avoided coffee because they thought it is unhealthy. In fact, evidence indicates moderate consumption may decrease the risk of diabetes, liver cancer and possibly stroke," lead researcher Dr Susanna Larsson said.

"Even small amounts of coffee may reduce the risk of stroke," she added.

The findings are based on an analysis of a 10-year research involving 35,000 women aged 49 to 83 in Sweden after another survey found coffee reduced men's risk of a stroke, the media reported.

The researchers found women who drank more than a cup a day saw their stroke risk fall by between 20 and 25 per cent compared with those who drank little or none. This held true regardless of their weight, smoking and drinking habits, or whether they had a family history of diabetes.

The study also revealed that drinking coffee lowered the risk of other diseases like diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and having other beneficial effects.

The findings have been published in the latest edition of the 'Stroke' journal.