No jail for Lohan for now

No jail for Lohan for now

The actress appeared in court Thursday and judge Keith Schwartz granted her until March 25 to decide if she will accept a court deal and plead guilty or no contest in the alleged theft of a 1,500 pounds necklace, reports

Lohan had already been offered a six month sentence, but her lawyer Shawn Holley met with the deputy District Attorney and Judge Schwartz and is said to have bargained for lesser punishment.

A source said: "Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley was asking for no jail time, but the judge said he would sentence her to a minimum of 60 days, but likely not longer than 90 days."

If the 24-year-old fails to accept the deal, the case will go to trial and she could face a much longer prison term.

A preliminary hearing for trial has been set for April 22.

Lohan hellraiser was captured on CCTV during a visit to Kamofie & Co in LA on January 22, when she reportedly pocketed the item. In the footage, she can be seen admiring various trinkets during her 40-minute browse alongside a male friend.

At a pre-trial hearing last month, Judge Schwartz warned: "I don't care if you're Lindsay Lohan. This case does involve jail. If you plead in front of me and this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail. Period."