Tsunami may hit New Zealand following Japan quake

Tsunami may hit New Zealand following Japan quake

Civil defence authorities have been asked to activate local response arrangements and alert potentially at-risk communities.

The ministry of civil defence said here that a tsunami potential threat advisory will remain in effect until it is upgraded to a national warning or a cancellation message is issued.

People have been advised to stay off beaches.

"I have been planning with my family to go to beach on weekend since long, but now, I have to stay at home or do shopping at supermarket. My family's life is more important for me than enjoying sunshine at a beach, said a beach lover.

"It's really unfortunate, such a big quake in Japan after a recent devastating quake in our country," he added.

Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city after Auckland, was hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake Feb 22. It killed 165 people and left parts of the city in ruins.