Leading men of 'Thank You' plan to re-register their marriage

Leading men of 'Thank You' plan to re-register their marriage

The movie is about extra-marital affairs and how friends help each other out in cheating. So as a big marketing idea, the four leading men of the film-- Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan and Suneil Shetty-- are going to re-register their marriage.

Sources said the idea was actually Akshay's. "Akshay came up with the idea, as he felt by re-registering their marriage, they would prove their faithfulness to their wives, while Thank You is all about infidelity," they said

All the four want to re-register their marriages in Bandra Family Court, and have thus requested the registrar to allow them to re-register their wedding, which is usually not permissible. However, the request is still pending, and it is yet to be seen whether the court will pay heed to the request.

Akshay, Bobby, Irrfan and Suneil who in real life are known to be family men and devoted husbands and doting fathers are shown as complete playboys in the film, where they have many extra-marital affairs.

Says Director Anees Bazmi, "when Akshay came up with this idea, I was amazed. As Thank You is all about infidelity, to go and prove your fidelity seemed like a brilliant idea. Especially in such a unique way of re-registering your marriage. We hope that we get the permission to re-register the marriages."