Understanding wines better

Understanding wines better

Tasting Session

Interested: The festival aims at popularising wine among masses.

And for the wine enthusiasts of the City, this weekend promises to be an exciting one. The Bangalore International Wine Festival was inaugurated on Friday with a lot of enthusiasm. The theme of the festival is ‘Drink Wine for Health’. The event will provide a platform for wine lovers, grape growers and wine producers to interact and learn more about this wonderful drink.
Spread over three days, the event is not just about entertainment but aims at popularising wine among masses and educating them about the drink. As a part of this, sessions will be held on wine tasting, wine production, health benefits on wine, wine tourism, wine and cheese tasting and pairing wine with food.

“The seminars have been organised to give the event a serious touch. People know very little about the drink as most of them have never had it. And the more they know about it, the more they would be able to appreciate wine,” said Maureen Kerleau, food and wine consultant.

She also mentioned that the people of Bangalore are quite keen on knowing more about wines.

The wine industry has been steadily growing in Karnataka in the past few years. “We had organised the seminar in last year’s festival too and the response was great. I feel Bangaloreans are more interested in wine than people of any other city in the country because Bangalore is the heart of Karnataka,” she added.

The event has over 50 exhibitors this year and has participation of wine brands from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America. The wine stalls are joined by stalls of chocolate, cheese, wine glasses and everything that is associated with the process of creating a bottle of wine.

And this includes an entertaining session of grape stomping, which would be conducted everyday at 3 pm at the venue.

Quiz and games would be part of the event. The festival is bigger and better this year and will have entertainment from across the globe on all days. Bands like Beat Gurus, Distortion Culture, Amethysts, Hungry, Holocaust and many more will be performing live. The festival would also feature some of the leading DJs of Bangalore who would provide thumping music for the festival.

The event is being held till March 13, from 12 pm onwards, at White Petals, Palace Grounds. The festival is open to all. For tickets, call 9986984878.