Authentic 'thindis' from South

Authentic 'thindis' from South


Tempting: Kokam juice, halubai, shavige payasam, akki and ragi rotti and pesarittu dosa.

South Bangalore is an epicurean’s delight with an array of eateries located in the area.

And if you want to savour some authentic South Indian delicacies, you must head to South Thindis, a popular eating joint located on South Cross Road in Basavanagudi.

This joint stands out from the usual darshinis and fast food joints across the City.

Even as you enter this place, you will see specially designed copper hued murals.
Started by B M Dhananjay, a hotel management graduate from Christ College, this joint has gained immense popularity in just two years.

“Most fast food restaurants in the City mix South Indian cuisine with other cuisines. I always felt the need to expand and enhance the concept of South Indian food. I wanted South Indian food to move beyond the regular darshinis in the City and remain exclusive. That is how South Thindis came into being,” says Dhananjay. 

Speaking about the hygiene and health factor, Dhananjay claims that there are no additives used in the food, except for a small amount of soda.

“When it comes to cleanliness, we use detergents of alkaline-base to wash the glasses and plates. These are very mild and have a powerful cleansing property,” he says.

This place is a paradise for food aficionados who prefer South Indian fast food — idli, vada, masala dosa, plain dosa, upma, kesari bath, shavige bath on a usual fare.

The special items include medu dosa, pesarittu dosa, onion dosa, avarekai dosa, bread dosa and Kerala parota. The akki rotti, ragi rotti and masala dosa are something you can’t afford to miss.

Each day, special kinds of rice items are prepared including vanghi bath, pudina rice, ghee rice, avalakki bath, alu rice, pongal and bisi bele bath.

The evening menu has items like kote kadubu, a special kind of kadubu wrapped in jackfruit leaves, Maddur vada, bonda soup and Mangalore bajjis.  This place also prepares traditional sweets like halubai, a sweet made from jaggery, milk and coconut.

 Different payasams like shavige payasam, gasegase payasam and hesarubele payasam are also on the menu.

On weekends, the place serves special sweets like sanjira, a deep fried sweet with a stuffing of jaggery and coconut, Kashi halwa and hayagriva which are a must try. Be it corporates or IT professionals, college students or celebrities, you can spot them all at this place. The only two beverages that this place serves apart from coffee and tea are Kokam and buttermilk. The coffee is also a big hit with the people here.
“Duniya Suri, Srinath and politicians like Krishna Byre Gowda, R V Devaraj are regulars at this joint,” says Dhananjay.

A wholesome thindi for two costs about Rs 100 to 200. The regulars swear by the taste and quality here.

“The dosas are really crisp and tasty. I come here everyday for coffee and tea which are available at a very reasonable price,” says Ram, an IT professional. South Thindis is open on all days between 7 am and 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm and 10.30 pm. For details, call 9845437081.