This notice board is for 'students only'

This notice board is for 'students only'

The ‘Wall Magazine’ at Teresian College, in Mysore.For students of Teresian Degree College, not a day goes without taking a glimpse at the notice board. And, it has nothing to do with the academic schedule; but, they see it for the reason that the board belongs to them. And, it is theirs for the past two months.

The students have been actively bringing out a ‘Wall Magazine’ and a notice board is exclusively reserved to display their writings.

The only difference is, the writings are not in a printed format, but handwritten, of course beautifully on a broad sheet or any beautiful paper that catches their imagination.
Be it on any topic, the students vent their literary aspirations, College Principal Sr Sajitha, the brain behind the concept told City Herald.

Every fortnight it dons new avatars and and the responsibility of bringing out the issue is entrusted to the students by turn. The college offers courses in BA, B Com, B Sc and also MSc (Biotechnology). Every section works on issue. The same writings find space in the annual magazine of the college- ‘Srishti’, besides winning prizes, if they are adjudged best by the lecturers.

It may be a poem or an article, choosing a topic is the prerogative of the students. So also the language- be it Kannada, Hindi, English, Urdu or any other, the students can contribute to the magazine. Apart from that, drawings and paintings also make the magazine complete.

Since it is handwritten, some use colour pens to make their article stand distinctively apart, while some design the outline matching their brilliance.

There are also some who highlight each and every line with red ink or other dark inks. Likewise, students deploy every method to make the magazine attractive.

Sajitha thanks her classmate who is now working abroad for lending her the idea, that keeps students hooked to a creative job.

Taking cognisance of the increasing interest among the students in bringing out the magazine, the college is planning on earmarking a bigger area - for the magazine. Jose, a lecturer said they have identified the wall beside the passage, that leads to staircase, for the board.

The students of Ist B Sc who have brought out the recent issue, had made ample use of the board. Apart from the magazine that had occupied half of the board, the remaining space had been decorated with women related news clippings as part of the centenary of International Women’s Day celebrations.

When most of the colleges reserve notice boards for purely academic and administration purpose, Teresian College is surely turning out to be more democratic!