'Don't fear failures'

'Don't fear failures'

The national level fest has seven events

Advising students not to fear failures, he warned them about people who boast that they have never taken a wrong decision. “Don’t go by these people’s words as they have never taken any decision in life,” he added.

“Go confidently towards your dream and don’t compare your life with others. It’s better to fail in something you love than reach to the peak of success in something you hate,” said Sahyadri Institute of Management Director Vishal Samartha.

Life is a school. Only if you learn to help and love you will graduate with honours, said SDM College of Business Management and Post Graduate Centre for Management Studies Director Dr Devraj K presiding over the programme.

The two-day fest has various events such as ‘Panaroma’ (Ice breaker), ‘Exec-Tor’ (Best CEO), ‘Tech Espirit’ (The system Event), ‘Whiz Raiser’ (The Finance event), ‘Mercatique’ (The Marketing event), ‘Pro-Virtuoso’ (The HR event) and ‘Connasisseur’ (The Business quiz).‘Intellectual renaissance’ is the theme of the overall fest and ‘Fostering Innovation is the theme of organisers.’