Book Rack

Book Rack

Daughters: A Story of Five Generations
Bharati Ray, Translated by Madhuchhanda Karlekar
Penguin, 2011, pp 318, Rs 399

This book critiques the progress of a nation, its society and its women, blending biography with social history.

Marx’s Capital: An Introductory Reader
Prabhat Patnaik et al
Left Word, 2011, pp 135, Rs 200

This book equips readers of Marx’s Capital with the basic concepts of Marx’s analysis and insights.

Enhance EQ: Dynamics of Personality
P V Jois
Vijaya Publishing, 2010, pp 458, Rs 350

This book offers tips on enhancing inter-personal and intra-personal relationships through Emotional Quotient.

Sachin: Genius Unplugged
Edited by Suresh Menon
Westland, 2011, pp 160, Rs 599

This is a collection of essays on Sachin by some of the finest writers on cricket.

Drushya: A Visual Novel
Dr M S Murthy
Thinline, 2010, pp 204 , Rs 750

Every image in the novel can open up a little story within oneself and reading it seems simple, vibrant and curious.

There’s no love on wall street
Ira Trivedi
Penguin, 2011, pp 272, Rs 199

This book lays bare the world of investment banking, where expense accounts always come with strings attached.

Confident networking for career success
Gael Lindenfield and Stuart Lindenfield
Hachette, 2011, pp 312,Rs 395

This book is packed with simple strategies for good networking skills to maximise opportunities at work, and build useful long-term friendships and contacts in today’s era.

The Ancient Book
Parikshit Rane
Frog Books, 2011, pp 81, Rs 95

A fantasy fiction, this book is about the magical world of Angdom and the colony of Satan called Lyncastia.

Broken Hearts
Shrenik Mutha
Frog Books, 2011, pp 44, Rs 75

A teenage love story, the book depicts true life and the sorrow of dreams not coming true.

A chance meeting
Romaan Shaikh
Frog Books, 2011, pp 107, Rs 95

In this romantic medical thriller, a doctor tries to save the life of a woman with neurosis.

Blossom Showers: A novel
Giselle Mehta
Frog Books, 2011, pp 440, Rs 395

This novel is centred on three generations of a family, resonating with social history and psychological insight.