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Business talk

Indian business icon Kumar Mangalam Birla, chairman of the US $30 billion Aditya Birla Group, joins CNN's Andrew Stevens for an exclusive Talk Asia interview in front of a live audience in Mumbai. As the head of India’s third largest business house with a majority of its revenue coming from international operations, Birla exemplifies a corporate India that has propelled the country forward and contributed to its higher standing on the global political and economic stage. The show airs on CNN on March 20 at 7.30 pm.


TLC takes viewers into the country’s ‘final frontier’ through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens, Sarah Palin, in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In each episode, Sarah is joined by her family members, and shares the state she knows and loves — from salmon fishing in Bristol Bay to hiking along to the most breathtaking glaciers. Along with Alaska’s great wilderness, the Palins encounter Alaska’s fascinating residents and share what it takes to thrive in the country’s largest state. Tune in to TLC on Monday and watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska at 10 pm.

Born to fight

Discovery Channel brings the story of Gurkhas who are recruited from the hill tribesmen in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. The legendary fighters are signed up at the age of 17 by itinerant gallahwallahs (ex-Gurkhas who get a bounty for each successful sign-up) and serve a minimum of 15 years. They follow a concept called Kaida, which translates into a system of order, ritual and unquestioned loyalty. In nine months of rigorous training, the Gurkha recruits are transformed from barefoot and illiterate tribesmen into members of one of the most ferocious fighting forces in the world. Watch the episode tonight at 9 pm on Discovery.