The language of love heals broken bonds

The language of love heals broken bonds

Shakuntala, a Belgaum-born girl got married to Anil Koti, a hardware merchant running a shop near Moorusavir Mutt in the City, three years ago. But due to some differences of opinion with her parents, Shakuntala’s in-laws did not allow the girl to visit her parents. Her pleas to her husband’s parents fell on deaf ears.

Then came the World Kannada Convention. Shakuntala’s parents took the opportunity to thaw the cold relationship with their daughter’s in-laws. They arrived in Hubli and invited their son-in-law and his parents to attend the convention and stay with them for the duration.

Anil and his parents, reluctant in the beginning, accepted the invitation. Now, Anil Koti, along with Shakuntala and his parents, is enjoying the fragrance of Kannada and, of course, the in-laws’ hospitality!

When this reporter spoke to Anil on Saturday, he was actually listening to K S Nissar Ahmed reciting a poem at the poets’ meet in the convention in Begaum. “I never thought it would take the World Kannada Convention to iron out the differences between my parents and my in-laws,” he said.

“May be the love for this great land and chaste Kannada flowing in our (Kannadigas’) blood has the capacity to awaken the affection for our own. I am thankful to the WKC for patching up the torn relationship with my in-laws,” said a happy Anil.

Shakuntala, a literature student, was literally on cloud nine as she is visiting her parents after three years.

“It is unbelievable! I never thought that my father in-law and mother in-law would ever be convinced by my parents and send me to Belgaum. Now I am not only savouring food cooked by my mother, but also seeing the wonderful world of Kannada. I do not know how to thank the WKC.”

It is not only the Kotis who have used the WKC to meet their friends and relatives living in Belgaum.

Gopal Mundewadi and his wife Anasuya, who work as teachers in Bagalkot district, are visiting Belgaum after a long hiatus.

“It is two years since we met our uncle and aunt living in Belgaum. We thought the WKC is the right time to visit Belgaum to meet my relatives as well as to have the glimpses of the Kannada world,” said Anasuya.