Anxious parents relieved after getting call from Japan

Anxious parents relieved after getting call from Japan

Parents of a software engineer in tsunami-ravaged Japan are overjoyed after coming to know that their son’s family is safe in the far eastern country.

“There was no information regarding our son Gyanedra. We were perturbed. Now we are glad to know that everything is fine”, Rabindra Mohan Mishra (56), father of the Japan-based engineer said today.

After coming to know of the devastation through TV, they immediately tried to contact him over telephone. But it was out of order.

His parents then tried to get in touch with his office. But the office phone was not functioning, Gyanedra's mother Aparna Mishra, a resident of Banahara village said.

“The wait was painful. But we were overjoyed when he called us over phone to inform us about his safety. He said the town had experienced mild tremors but was spared by tsunami wave”, Aparna, also the sarpanch of Bhagabatpur gram panchyat, said.
Gyanedra works in Nagaya city as a software engineer. He stays in Nagaya with his wife and three-year-old son.

About 400 to 500 Oriyas, most of them highly paid technical professionals, are settled in the southern parts of Japan and they are all safe as its north-east parts are devastated unlike southern parts.

"Some of my son’s Japanese friends in Sendai are missing”, she said.
Gyanendra's father, headmaster of Lal Bahadur Sastry high school at Katikata, said his son was unaware of the extent of devastation. They were fast asleep when the disaster struck. They had felt tremors, common in Japan. Next morning, they heard about the disaster, he said quoting telephonic conversation with his son.