IHF shoots off letter to FIH, questions HI's recognition

IHF shoots off letter to FIH, questions HI's recognition

In a letter to FIH president Leandro Negre as a rebuttal to the world body’s missive of March 9, IHF secretary Ashok Mathur has claimed that HI was given recognition by throwing to the wind FIH’s own statutes, as per a copy of the letter available with PTI.

The IHF letter of March 12 stated that contrary to what has been depicted, “Hockey India did not come into existence until May 2009” and HI “did not and/or could not have legally provided an IOA (Indian Olympic Association) endorsement or attestation in November 2008 (as required FIH statutes)” as HI was not in existence three years ago. 

IHF has demanded an explanation about “how the FIH came to direct the IOA to establish Hockey India (as it appears it was so directed by a letter from FIH to IOA dated 24th July 2008).”

It wanted to know the basis and justification for FIH’s letter to IOA in November, 2008 offering its support for IOA’s establishment of Hockey India and for stating that “simultaneously the IHC (Indian Hockey Confederation) will cease to be a member of the FIH and FIH will formally recognise Hockey India”.

IHF claims that IHC, an integrated body of men’s and women’s all-India hockey bodies which has now become IHF again, was the original member of FIH which was never stripped off its recognition but only substituted by HI.

IHF has demanded from the world hockey body documents to support HI’s application to become a member of the FIH, copy of HI’s “attestation, endorsement and confirmation by the IOA” and copy of HI’s representation that it “has the exclusive right to govern hockey in its own country”, as required by the FIH’s statutes.

“Further, Article 6.7 of the FIH Statutes requires that, before a membership is transferred, the standing Member must be notified in writing and given the opportunity to make an appeal. No notice was issued by FIH to IHC and its constituent members.”