Timely treatment saves Jumbo's life

Timely treatment saves Jumbo's life


The tusker, which has recovered from pain,is seen near backwaters of Taraka Reservoir in H D Kote taluk. DH PHOTOS

The jumbo had taken shelter near the backwaters of Taraka Reservoir in Metikuppe Wildlife range of Nagarhole National Park in H D Kote taluk, for the last 15 days. The timely treatment has saved its life. This act appreciated by the animal lovers.

Deputy Conservator of Forests Vijayranjan Singh, Chief Conservator of Forests Ajai Mishra, Forest Mobile Squad DIG S P Anvekar and Dr Srinivas visited the spot to take a look at the condition of the jumbo. They opined that it was very difficult to treat the wild elephant and returned. Subsequently, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests B K Singh and others also came to the spot and decided to give medicines by mixing it with sugar cane.

This idea clicked and the injured jumbo started taking medicines stuffed inside the sugar cane.  Now, it is able to move on its own. The elephant is fully cooperating with the forest department staff and not harming even two watchers-Srinivas and Basavaraj go near it. The jumbo is big built with a lengthy tusk and it’s quite risky to go near the animal.

The veterinarian said: The antibiotics are stuffed inside the sugar cane and tonic and other medicines are mixed with paddy and grass. After taking medicines, the jumbo has come out of danger and grazing inside the forests. Earlier, it was limping and used to spend most the time inside water. However, now it comes out of water and walking normally. But, the swelling is yet to subside. “We did not have equipment to dart and treat the animal.