Atomic energy board to reassess N-plants' safety

Atomic energy board to reassess N-plants' safety

Jairam hints at additional safeguards for Jaitapur project

AERB Secretary R Bhattacharaya said his organisation “will carry out a comprehensive reassessment of safety and emergency mitigation measures of all the nuclear power plants in the light of the unprecedented event in Japan.” 

Of the 20 Indian reactors (19 are in operation), only two units at Tarapur (Tarapur-1 and 2) are boiling water reactors (BWRs) similar to the ones in Fukushima, Japan.

All reactors in India were designed to withstand the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis of specific magnitudes, which were based on conservative criteria, he said. As part of the periodic safety review process, the AERB had earlier carried out a safety assessment of all the old plants, including Tarapur-1 and 2.

Based on these assessments, several upgrades in safety measures such as provisions of additional diesel generators for providing emergency power supply were made, he said.
Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said once the AERB completes its review, his ministry may incorportae new additional safeguards for the Jaitapur nuclear power station, if required. “If additional safeguards are needed as part of the environmental clearance, we will certainly look at it,” Ramesh said.