The level of excitement varies

The level of excitement varies


The level of excitement varies

Rod Solomons

The Australians have a great deal to share and talk about their cricketing experiences whether it’s the World Cup or the Indian Premier League but Canadians are instantly put off when you mention cricket. They frown at the sport and it doesn’t seem to matter to them at all.
What’s intriguing is that most Canadians know nothing about the sport and most of them barely follow the game. They say that they have been learning the basics of the game from their Indian friends. But the Australians are excited and a few of them have even booked their tickets well in advance to watch the match.

Donna LethborgDonna Lethborg was averse to cricket until the IPL bug bit her. Now anything related to the World Cup or the IPL interests her. “My daughter Chloe and I were absolute non sports enthusiasts till we came to live in Bangalore and discovered the IPL. Neither of us had ever bothered go to a game, and we barely knew the rules – but IPL made that difference,” says Donna. Talking about the Australia-Canada match, Donna says, “Win, lose or draw, tonight’s game will still be a great game, why because my home team Australia is playing.” She observes that the atmosphere at the stadium will be electric, with the crowds going crazy for the entire length of the game. “The game is exciting and the action never stops,” she adds.

Rod Solomons, Trade Commissioner to South Asia, Government of Queensland, Australia says that the number of Australians living in Bangalore is very low compared to other nationalities. “When cricketers from Australia play in Bangalore there is no formal mechanism for getting Australians together to witness Australians playing. In the earlier days when Greg Chappell was the coach of the Indian team, there was a greater sense of camaraderie but today it is left to the individuals to decide whether to attend the match or  watch it live at a five star hotel,” says Rod.  He, like most other Australians, loves the IPL. “Certainly the World Cup cricket is not as popular for Australians as say the Ashes series played during the Christmas/New Year period in Australia,” he avers.

Alexander MooreAlexander Moore, CEO of L J Hooker (India) says he has already bought tickets for the match. “It’s a huge game back in Australia. But there’s nothing like catching all the noise, excitement and action live,” says Alexander.  

The Canadians have just begun to follow the sport, thanks to a few of their friends who’ve taken it upon themselves to enlighten them about the game. “I have never before followed cricket but have enjoyed getting into the atmosphere of the World Cup. My biggest accomplishment so far is that now I actually understand what the commentators are talking about when I am watching a match,” observes David Abbott, a teacher.

Shane Laros Shane Laros working with International School Bangalore says, “Realistically Canada doesn’t stand a chance to win at all but I was hoping they would win at least one match in the World Cup tournament which they did and I am happy. I didn’t know anything about the game of cricket but now I can actually sit through a match. That’s an accomplishment,” he signs off.