This engineer won't work in Japan again

This engineer won't work in Japan again

Prabhakar was among the many Bangaloreans who returned to the City from Japan on Tuesday evening. He is happy to reunite with his family after the catastrophe.

Prabhakar was working in Central Tokyo, a relatively safe area. But he says other parts of the country have been ravaged.

“Roads have been cut off. As mercury dipped, supply of power snapped. The few trains that are plying are overcrowded. There is no food. Living in Japan has become extremely precarious now,” he told Deccan Herald after landing at Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) from Tokyo via Singapore at 10 pm.

The engineer had gone to Japan only on February 21, 2011, shortly after his marriage.
Before that, he had gone there in January on a work permit.

As fears of radiation loom large over that nation, expatriates including Indians, have been returning to their home countries.

According to Prabhakar, there were “a large number of Indians who were taking return flights at the Tokyo Airport”.

“The fear of radiation is real. My recent marriage also made me quit my job there,” he adds.

According to him, tsunami has destroyed mainly the coastal areas of that country but the inland is safe.

The Bangalorean says tsunami has had little effect on life in areas which have not been affected the tidal waves.

“Offices and business establishments have been working as if nothing has happened. Unlike in India, where a holiday is declared when any such an eventuality strikes, it’s work as usual in Japan. We had to report to work by 9 am sharp even after the calamity occurred,” he added.