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Chikmagalur district is famous for its beautiful hill ranges, jungles, rivers, falls and temples. The district is a heady mix of heritage structures and natural beauty.  The Kudremukh hills and the national park here, add to the charm of the region.  Also part of the district is the famed Horanadu Annapurneshwari temple. The temple is one of the most important Shakti peethas in the State, thronged by visitors from across the country.

The region is dotted with several coffee and tea estates, a sight for sore eyes. A drive that takes you through the winding roads of the hills makes for an invigorating experience.

The Horanadu temple has its fair share of history. A stone and copper inscription dating back to 1675 AD found here, says that Venkatappa Nayak, son of Palegar Krishnappa Nayaka had funded the construction of the temple.

According to mythology, the great sage Agastya performed penance here and installed the idol of the Goddess, who also known as Adi Shakti.

The Goddess is also known as Adi Shaktyamata Sri Annapurneswari. A consecrated Sri Chakra was put on the ground and the foundation was laid in the form of a kurma (tortoise).

On the outer walls of the temple, verses from the Vedas and Upanishad are carved. The farmers of the region worship the Goddess as their family deity.

The administration of the temple has renovated the old shrine and built the gateway and the arch. The annual jathre (fair) is held in March/April every year.

The Kudremukh peak is about 100 km from the Chikmagalur and 6,200 feet high. Chikmagalur is 220 km from Bangalore.

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