'Be your own judge'

'Be your own judge'

Dear Sir,

I have completed my B.Sc biotechnology with an aggregate of 70% so far. I want to pursue my Masters and also Ph.D in drug designing but I am not sure if this subject is the right choice for me. Which is the best university offering courses in drug designing and what is its future scope? What is the criteria for admission, the fee structure, etc. Please provide details of any other courses that are in demand and that are related to my science background.


Dear Geethika,

Drug designing or evolving newer and better drugs be it for human consumption or for plant and animal uses can be pursued after your basic degree in biotechnology. Your idea to pursue masters and doctoral programmes to become a drug designer is very appropriate and necessary. Since your basic degree is of three years duration, you can look at seeking entry into universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. High academic performance in your B.Sc and IELTS (English language proficiency test — www.ielts.org) is enough. If you are looking to study in the USA you have to have completed 16 years of education and have to take up GRE (Graduate Record Examination www.gre.org) and TOEFL (www.toefl.org). How well you fare in this career depends on your passion for the subject and your capability. You are the best judge to identify whether this field suits you or not. If you have any doubt I suggest you consult a career counsellor to identify your capability to sustain in the research field. Education at the Masters level and further in any country abroad requires a minimum of Rs. 12 to 15 lakh per year including living expenditure.

Dear Sir

I’ve completed my 2nd PUC with a passing per cent of 58% and am pursuing mechanical engineering. I don’t know if I would still like to continue this engineering course but I dream of pursuing my studies abroad. Is there any way I can get there? My interests are concerned with mechanical engineering, but do let me know if I can pursue any other field.


Dear Anonymous,

There seems to be some kind of confusion in your mind. You have one important aspect in your favour and that is you are already in the path of your interest. Though you have not scored so well in PUC yet you have managed to join Mechanical Engineering. Since your desire is to study abroad you are in the right path. Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering branches. Studying the subject in this stream of engineering helps you acquire the necessary logical and analytical skills and engineering education as such helps you grow and mature as a human being. With this qualification the horizon of your career is very vast. Focus and give the best shot putting in all your concentrated efforts and come out as a mechanical engineer establishing good academic track record and with good knowledge and capable of applying the acquired knowledge. It makes your dream of studying abroad in the same field easier.