Bringing out the best

Bringing out the best

colourful A dance performance.

The two-day techno–cultural fest was woven under the banner of Elveos and revolved around the theme confluence. The department of Management and Commerce hosted five events where Impromto, the business quiz had ten participating teams and Kristu Jayanti College bagged the first place. In the ‘Finance’ another event, Christ University Institute of Management was adjudged the winners and Indian Academy Degree College stood second.  The other events were ‘Public Relations’ event, the ‘Marketing’ event and the ‘Best Manager’.

The department of Information Technology unleashed five events where all colleges participated with great enthusiasm. The four events that were conducted by the department of Biosciences were Eco-accessories, Brew your Idea, Turn a Coat and Song Spoof.

The literary events, quiz and debates apart, what was most popular with the students were the culturals that were organised on and off stage on the second day. Among the many events— Mad Flicks, Scavenger Hunt, Photography, 60 minutes to Fame, Bboying, Indian Theme Dance and Western Dance – were crowd pullers and kept everybody on their feet. In 60 minutes to Fame the participants were expected to get on stage and do
just about anything for 60 minutes, “This is an event that was conceptualised by us.
There are many students who just walked up on stage and did a little something to get famous. If one did a quick jig, another did mimicry and some others danced – all this just for a minute’s popularity,” said Radhika S, a participant from Mount Carmel College.

Prasad Rao, a student of CMR Management College who was participating in theme dance had chosen to depict the five elements of nature. “We wanted to draw a parallel between nature and man. The idea was to depict how man must co-exist with nature. If anything is done to disrupt that peace then nature would surely react causing damage to man,” said Prasad. Another group that chose to do a mix of Indian, free style and incorporate a bit of Western steps as well. Talking about her experience at the fest, Preetha Kumar from Indian Academy observes, “Fests like these give you a lot of exposure and the more technical events are designed to tease the brain and provoke you to think and react according to the situation.”

 Suja Bennet, Principal of CMR Institute of Management Studies said, “Fests are not only a way for student to unwind but they also bring out the creative side in students. Fests indirectly help students perform well in academics.”