Some great memories to cherish

Some great memories to cherish

friends Spoorthy, Sagarika, Sharath, Vinay, Asad, Akash, Raunak, Aishwarya, Sheetal, Raksha, Ashrita and Riya.

And the students of Jain College, Jayanagar, are far ahead of their counterparts in other colleges in this regard as they have many sets of college sweatshirts designed exclusively for different occasions.

The college recently conducted an inter-collegiate fest ‘Vismaya’ for which, the students had come up with white pullovers. This was specially designed for the fest coordinators. Apart from this, there is a common black hooded sweatshirt for all students. “As Vismaya happened during winter, we decided to go for pullovers as they would be warm and comfortable. For other inter-collegiate festivals and sports meets, we have a different set of jackets,” says Vinay, one of the students.

The students have taken enough care to design their sweatshirts in a unique way so that they can stand out from the rest. “We had called for a meeting to decide the design patterns. So all students got a chance to put forward their ideas regarding the latest patterns. We have the names of all students from the current batch printed on the back of the black sweatshirt. Whenever we wear it, we feel bonded with the institution. It makes us feel like one family. Moreover, after we move out of the college, these will form great memorabilia. Everytime we look at them, we can cherish the memories of our college days. As we have the names of our batch mates on the jackets, there is no way we can forget them,” says Ashrita, another student.

One notable thing about these enthusiastic ‘Jainites’ in the Jayanagar campus is that the students of both science and commerce sections work together in all events. During science fest, even commerce students take many responsibilities and vice versa. “That was the reason for not printing our streams on these jackets. Whatever our discipline is, ultimately we are Jainites,” says Sharath.

The Kannada Vedike of the college has a separate jersey in grey and the theatre club has its own sweatshirt in plain black. With the astronomy club also planning a pullover in white, the students have many college apparels to sport.