Saving the environment for a bright future

Saving the environment for a bright future

noble cause A sapling was planted inside the campus.

B V Prakash, a mountaineer and a travel writer, and Snake Shyam, a renowned snake-catcher, were the chief guests for the function. B V Prakash inaugurated the event by planting a sapling in the campus. He also gave an insightful lecture on the endangered species in the Himalayan region. His speech was all the more interesting as he projected pictures of rare creatures like snow leopard, red panda etc.

Snake Shyam, who has rescued more than 23,000 snakes till date, gave tips on how to differentiate between venomous and non venomous snakes. He clarified myths about snakes which are prevalent in India. Showing his concern towards the environment, he answered all questions posed by the students in a lively manner.

Many activities like street play, dance, dumb charades, and mime, based on the theme of environment, were held. The MCA students enacted a mime in which they portrayed how humans pollute nature. The students also performed a dance-drama which dealt with hunters killing birds in forests. They also staged a street play which was all about saving tigers and treating animals with kindness. Students were elated when Lekha, a lecturer, presented a classical dance. They appreciated it with a big round of applause.

Various competitions were also conducted to involve the students in the noble cause. Collage, photography, movie-making, paper presentation saw a good number of participants. Dumb charades turned out to be a fun-filled event wherein participants had to enact various words, abbreviations and slogans related to the environment.

R Chandrashekar, the HOD, said that the event succeeded in giving out a strong message to save environment and create awareness among youth. “We made it a point to adapt eco-friendly steps in every aspect.

We planted trees in the campus, gave ‘tulsi’ saplings to all the lecturers and plants to the winners of different competitions. Our students had also taken an initiative to clean the whole campus recently. Our aim is to have a cleaner and greener tomorrow,” he explained.