'My son is my lucky charm'

'My son is my lucky charm'

Work pressure

'My son is my lucky charm'

hopeful Jiiva

And what’s more Jiiva is excited about Singum Puli, that released last week, where he plays a dual role for the first time.

Jiiva appears in two avatars in Singum Puli. One as a lawyer and another a fisherman.
“The lawyer is stylish and a born casanova who manages to attract a good number of women to his side but the fisherman wears tattered clothes and makes no compromise on his values. The movie brings out various emotions such as anger, love, joy and sadness. It’s been a challenge for me through and through,” Jiiva tells Metrolife. He adds the film has given him enough room to experiment and explore the actor within.

Jiiva describes his experience of shooting for Nanban as ‘special’.  “The film, though a remake, has loads of Tamil flavour packed into it. The humour and storyline have been changed to suit local tastes. We’ve just borrowed the soul of the original and worked around it,” says Jiiva. 

In Ko, which translates to king in Tamil, Jiiva doubles up as a photojournalist. “It’s a role I have never really played before. I step into the shoes of a photojournalist, covering everything from elections to crime and more. I think I make for a pretty decent photographer,” he gushes.

Talking about another of his projects  Rowthiram, he draws a similarity between his role and that of Satya in Tamil and Hindi.

“You’ll see an angry young man on screen. With these three films, I have slipped in and out of several characters. It’s great to be working back to back on projects and discovering a whole new side of myself,” he avers.

But Jiiva confesses that he has been missing his son who is barely a few months old.
“I’ve been so busy after he was born. I recently flew my family down to Mumbai where I was shooting. We spent precisely four hours together before I took off to my next destination. Looks like my little one has brought me loads of luck,” he sums up.