'Stop treating education like a commodity'

'Stop treating education like a commodity'

knowledgeable: Science writer Prof J R Lakshman Rao, National President, AIDSO, M N Sriram, Prof Hi Shi Ramachandregowda and litterateur Prof H L Keshavamurthy participating in a discussion, in Mysore on Wednesday. DH photo

Observing that education is increasingly being commercialised, Science writer Prof J R Lakshman Rao opined that it should not be treated as a commodity.

He was speaking at a discussion organised by the All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) on the ‘Karnataka Innovative University Bill’ and ‘University for Innovation Bill’ being mooted by the State and Central Governments respectively, on Wednesday.

Pointing out that earlier, imparting education was considered to be a social service, Prof Rao vehemently opposed the increasing cost of education.

He said that based on the fact that Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar set-up many educational institutions as they were considered to be a service to the society.

Litterateur Prof Hi Shi Ramachandregowda opined that aim of education is to improve awareness among people.

He said that the earlier generations took to education to gain knowledge, but the present generation is taking it as a training exercise and failing to understand the values.

Furthermore, he said that educational institutions are turning into business ventures.

He observed that doctors were treated on par with gods, but today patients are looked at as an avenue that brings money. He said that the education system is one-sided as the only the students are evaluated, but the knowledge of the teachers is rarely questioned.

He said that many teachers retain age-old techniques throughout their career and fail to reinvent new concepts.

He said that if both the Bills are approved then the universities will become like government schools.

Litterateur Prof H L Keshavamurthy said that the government should stop considering the education sector as a loss making unit. Due to such an approach they are trying to turn it into an industry. Without considering the social interests, introduction of such bills will lead to a more corrupt society, he added.

A decision was taken to oppose the move of both State and Central Governments to bring Mysore and Dharwad Universities under the Bill. AIDSO District Unit President B Ravi, AIDSO State Unit President M N Sriram and others were present.