'I am a slow and steady guy'


Model-cum-actor Raghu Mukherjee seems to be a happy man these days. And who can blame him, after all his film Savaari has been receiving great reviews, coupled with positive feedback, for his role as the shy Abhiram. “I can’t ask for a more phenomenal response. I am so glad that everyone liked the film a lot and it’s on its way to becoming the biggest film of the year. Now-a-days, it’s seldom that a movie receives such a good amount of appreciation,” he says.

Savaari, which also stars Srinagar Kitty and Kamalini Mukherjee, came at the most unexpected time for Raghu. “Director Jacob and I have a common friend and when he heard about the film, he suggested my name to him and that’s how the film landed on my lap. From the story to the team, everything was simply perfect making it a really great experience for all of us,” says Raghu.

First seen in Paris Pranaya, Raghu had taken a long break before entering the silver screen again. “I realised that I was just too young to enter movies. I had just begun my modelling career back then and I decided that I should stick to modelling and learn everything it had to offer me. Which incidentally also helped the actor in me. But then, anything you learn is not enough for a film as there is always so much more one can learn,” he says.

The minute someone makes a move from the modelling industry to films, one faces the question ‘Can models act’? Raghu explains that the statement is purely coincidental. “Models or not, I have seen a lot of people in the industry who cannot act. And those who can, are making sure they are doing good cinema,” he says while adding, “it’s not about the looks anymore, one must focus on how well the character portrays itself on screen.”

Having won the Mr Grasim International Award in 2002 and many modelling assignments, Raghu definitely believes that it has given him an edge over others. “Since I am already aware of my camera angles, I put in more effort in preparing for my character,” he says.
Raghu believes that one should not have any inhibitions while facing the camera, “One will have moments when you will have to dance on the streets of Paris, wearing a lungi and people watching you. At the same time, one must draw a line on how far he or she is willing to go in front of the camera. I definitely have my limitations when it comes to skin show. I would simply avoid those roles. One might be a public figure but one still has to keep some things private,” he adds.

Nevertheless, with the success of Savaari, one can say his fans will get to see more of him, but then again he has always taken things slowly. “I am working on a couple of scripts now and in no hurry to sign all the offers that come my way as I have to live up to Savaari. I am a slow and steady guy and I guess everyone knows that by now,” he signs off.   

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