SWM tender lacks clarity, say residents

SWM tender lacks clarity, say residents

According to the tender to be floated by the BBMP shortly, a system will be enforced that would ensure segregation of garbage into dry and wet waste. Also, people are encouraged to separate waste at its source and recycle most of the garbage, so that only a small quantity of waste finally reaches the landfills.

One of the serious concerns raised at the consultation was about disposal of toxic waste. Several among the public who had gathered at the meeting pointed out how toxic waste like batteries and bulbs should not be mixed with dry waste.


The BBMP should also give incentives to those who segregate toxic waste. This would encourage people to separate waste at its source, suggested a few in the meeting.

Answering a question on dumping of construction debris that forms nearly 30 per cent of garbage collected, BBMP Executive Engineer (Solid Waste Management) Gangadhar Swamy said the Palike was contemplating on a system, according to which contractors will be directed to dump construction waste at a few designated places in the City. Also, the debris could be used in the construction of roads.

One of the residents also suggested that manually operated garbage collection booths be installed. This facility is available on Malleswaram 9th Cross.

When proposed about the involvement of Self Help Groups in recycling of garbage, the Palike engineer said it was possible to direct the contractors to supply garbage to such groups for recycling in the wards. It would also generate employment to many.

Kathyayini Chamaraj of CIVIC highlighted that the tender in its current form omitted several factors like banning of manual handling of garbage, provision of parking areas for compactor vehicles, push carts, recruiting more number of employees to address staff shortage and others.

Moreover, in the new tender contractors are not required to clean public and community toilets and government buildings, unlike the earlier contracts, she said.