FarmVille's new offering - the English Countryside

FarmVille's new offering - the English Countryside

FarmVille English Countryside has plants and crops like foxgloves, redcurrants and King Edward potatoes that are native to Britain.

The crops in Britain part of the game will grow faster due to “the premium English soil”, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The new version includes English cottages, traditional police call boxes and British animals, such as Shorthorn cows, Shire horses and Dorking chickens.

The players get to travel with an English Duke to his homeland where the village farms are in a bad shape. Then they receive new land on which they can show their farming skills so that the land becomes fruitful once again, the media report said.

One gets to access the new version after reaching level 20 in the regular version of the game.

Millions of people play FarmVille regularly with their Facebook friends.
The media report said there are currently over 45 million active players who create digital farms, trade goods with friends and invest in virtual tractors.