GE launches two advanced cardiac care solutions in India

GE launches two advanced cardiac care solutions in India

These innovations – GE MAC 600 ECG and GE VIVID P3 ultrasound system reinforces GE's "healthymagination" commitment to provide better healthcare for more people in India and around the world at affordable costs, the company said in a statement.

The new GE MAC 600 is  a lightweight, portable, easy to use digital resting ECG device that puts leading clinical technology simplified and resized to fit the hands of a physician in small towns and rural areas, the company said.

It is designed to save time, energy and paper. The ECG results are presented in colour on-screen with options to save the results in standard adobe acrobat files in detachable SD memory cards.

With MAC 600, physicians have the option of printing the only selected files and storing the files digitally as well as transfer of the results using removable SD Card & mobile phones for expert opinions or base hospitals/clinics.

GE's MAC 600 is available at Rs 60,000-75,000, 80 per cent lower than similar quality, FDA cleared ECG solutions that are being imported currently. GE VIVID P3 is a dedicated cardiac imaging ultrasound system developed in India for this country and the world to bridge the affordability gap in this speciality care area.

The new GE VIVID P3 is available at 50 per cent lower cost, at Rs 11-12 lakh as compared to FDA cleared, imported similar quality products priced above Rs 20 lakh, the company added.