Livestock die of epidemic in Arunachal

Livestock die of epidemic in Arunachal

Domestic animals like cow, goat and chicken have been dying in large numbers since the outbreak. The cause of grave concern is the death of mithuns, which is Indian buffalo, found in Arunachal Pradesh and North-East.

Though veterinary officials visited Poma village and provided medicine to the livestock. Traditional methods have failed to cure the animals, official sources said here today.

"Villagers are selling the mithuns at throwaway prices of about Rs 2,000 each," the gaon bura of Poma village said.

Animal husbandry and veterinary director Dr Hage Tabin said that a team of veterinary doctors would visit soon to carry out further investigation.

Mithun (Bos frontalis), a domesticated free-range bovine species, is an important component of the livestock production system of North-East.

This unique species is believed to have been domesticated more than 8000 years ago, sources said.

Mithun is primarily reared for meat and is highly preferred among tribespeople as a ceremonial animal.