'Guruji' arrested for snatchings in Delhi

'Guruji' arrested for snatchings in Delhi

Om Prakash, whose followers called him 'Guruji', and his associate Arjun (21) were apprehended from Bali Nagar area in Moti Nagar yesterday on a tip off, V Renganathan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), said.

The duo were involved in at least 30 snatching cases which were to be solved.

"Prakash fell in bad company as he did not get proper attention from his parents who were trying to meet the needs of his family. He started pretending himself as a fortune teller.

"He became known in his area. His life took a turn when criminals of the area came in his contact. The criminals used to ask him about success in their misdeeds. Some of his so-called predictions came the right way. He was known as Guruji among criminals," Renganathan said.

Prakash started earning good amount as the criminals used to donate a handsome share to their 'Guruji', he said adding he started dreaming to be rich in a very short time.

He coordinated amongst criminals and organised a new gang of his own. The gang members were his true followers and were much confident.

"On the prediction of Guruji, they started committing snatchings. With the earnings of this, they purchased country made pistol and button activated knife and used to spend the money for wine and women," Renganathan said.