MCI board members get one year extension

MCI board members get one year extension

The tenure of the current Medical Council of India board, headed by medical researcher and doctor Shiv Kumar Sarin, will come to an end on May 14.

The Union health ministry, however, is yet to take a decision on whether the same members would be retained or new members would be introduced to govern the board. Other members of the board include noted cardiac surgeon Devi Shetty.

Regulation of medical education remained a controversial issue for many months in the country involving the union human resource development and health ministries as well as the Prime Minister’s Office.

Though the issue was finally settled earlier this month in favour of the health ministry, too little time was left for the Medical Council of India board to complete its task in time.

Medical education

It’s now been decided that the National Commission for Human Resources on Health (NCHRH) under the health ministry will regulate medical education, while National Commission on Higher Education and Research (NCHER) will have the final say on deciding the curricula for higher studies in medical education.