Revealed: More sexcapades of Berlusconi


In a new book, the 24-year-old woman, named only as “Sandra”, claimed that the guests “performed” for the Italian Premier at his villa in Sardinia, danced, kissed their host, undressed and “threw themselves into the pool almost naked”.

Several young women have said they called Berlusconi, 72, “Papi (Daddy)” as a mark of affection, The Sunday Times quoted her as saying in the book, ‘Papi: A Political Scandal’, to be published in Italy on Monday.

“All of them stuck in my mind: there were some who danced and rubbed themselves, some who kissed him, some who undressed, and some who threw themselves into the pool almost naked,” Sandra said.

What shocked her most were lesbian scenes of women kissing, touching and undressing each other. “Rather than being scandalised, I felt really ill.”

The book, by journalists Peter Gomez, Marco Lillo and Marco Travaglio, also tracks recent scandals, including the charge by his estranged wife Veronica Lario that Berlusconi frequents “underage girls”.

In fact, Sandra has said in the book that she was telephoned by an actress at the end of 2007 and offered some 1,290 pounds to attend the New Year’s eve party on Sardinia Emerald coast. On arrival, she and the other guests were shown to smart villas near Berlusconi’s mansion. She was resting on the bed when Berlusconi walked in. After a lunch of pizzas and dancing, with Berlusconi singing, he toured the estate with his guests in buggies,  making sure that Sandra sat next to him. He then gave them a two-hour “politics class”.

Subsequently, security staff accompanied the guests to a shopping centre where they spent up to 1,720 pounds each, debiting Berlusconi’s credit card, the book says.

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