'I want people to know the truth'

'I want people to know the truth'


'I want people to know the truth'

 CONTROVERSIAL RamyaShe was not expected to attend the press meet.

This unscheduled visit lasted for 15 minutes. Ramya, who otherwise is frank and bold, was rather emotional and even broke down in front of everyone.

Ramya told Metrolife that she regretted the fact that she let her guard down in front of the camera.

“I’m not the kind of person to break down like that but you can imagine the amount of stress that was bottled up inside me,” she said.

More than losing the money, Ramya says she was hurt about Dhandam Dhashagunam producer Ganesh  defaming her on camera.

Apparently, the producer had borrowed Rs 10 lakh from the actress when the team had to head to Malaysia.

Ramya says Ganesh never returned the amount to her.

“He even started avoiding my calls until he decided to have the music launch. I have forgiven Ganesh because I am not God to punish him but I want him to tell the truth since he has no right to defame me like that.”

Ramya further says despite giving repeated written complaints to the Film Chamber she got no response which ultimately pushed her towards the decision.

“Just because he is part of the committee does not mean they have to stand by and watch all this happen. We are going to have a meeting about this issue and I want people to know the truth and want my money back from him,” she says.

Whether she will change her mind on retiring, Ramya says, “I still stand by my
statement because if I don’t quit people will never know the truth. But it all depends on the artistes’ association and I will stand by their decision.”

So what’s next for this damsel? “I have many plans in store. I will soon be bringing down a Portuguese company called Sun Aid Foundation to India. This company promotes cooking with solar energy. I am also going to finish my promotions for Sanju Weds Geetha and Johnny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam.”

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