Why should boys have all the fun?

Why should boys have all the fun?


Flower arrangement by a student.

The doors that are normally closed for outsiders at the GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women (GSSSIETW), were thrown wide open for all to participate in the three-day annual cultural festival ‘Geethayana-2011’.

The celebrations started with a ‘Dollu Kunitha’ performance, enthralling  students at the start of the festival. It was also the time for even lecturers to let their hair down, as they danced to the beats of the drummers.

As Greek poet Cleobulus mentioned, ‘Safeguard the health, both of body and soul’, the students ensured that amid the cultural extravaganza, they didn’t ignore the need to save time for physical fitness.

Participating in a two-and-half kilometre marathon, the students started out from the college campus and headed out on KRS Road, turned around at the ring road, climbing the steep road to reach their college.

Students displayed their talents in the Bhaktigeethe, Bhavageethe and Jaanapadageethe competitions making it clear that even though they were en route to becoming ‘Techies’, they hadn’t forgotten the rich cultural treasures that exist in the State.

Enthusiastic dance performances - both solo and duet - invited thunderous applause followed by an occasional whistle from the youngsters gathered at the colourful stage set on the outdoors.

Those with an extraordinary combination of artistic and culinary skills, had a chance to prove their mettle by carving vegetables and fruits and turning them into well adorned houses. 

A platform for flower lovers was provided in the flower arrangement competition, with girls making full use of  daffodils, roses, hibiscus and other flowers.

However, the most hilarious event at the college turned out to be Dumb Charades as participants had a tough time cracking Kannada movies and phrases that were offered to the contestants.

At times, the crowds were so involved in the competitions, that the programme co-ordinator had to urge them to refrain from prompting the contestants with the answers.

Students had a whale of a time trying out multifarious colours on their hands and forearms, by helping friends make intricate designs using mehandi and tattooing.

The jazzy face paintings made heads turn as participants from other colleges swarmed the institute.

Finger nails had their share of attention as the young girls concentrated hard on ‘Nail Art’ to ensure that they looked more attractive. A group of young entrepreneurs from Uttar Pradesh, set-up a stall for Golgappa lovers at the venue. The stall set-up by Manupriya Sharma, Richa Kishore and Ankita Jha had huge crowds gorging on the Golgappa’s.

Even though ‘Geethayana-2011’ has come to an end, it would still take a long time for the memories of the colourful times at the college to fade away for its students.