'Bhavayami Raghuramam' captivates all

'Bhavayami Raghuramam' captivates all

Two programs – a carnatic classical vocal concert by Vidushi  Rajeshwari  Pandit followed by a detailed dance program of Ramayan by Krupa Phadke - were organised.

Rajeshwari had perhaps strained herself too much rehearsing for the programmes.
She was struggling to keep up with Shruti which evidently did not coordinate with the shruti of the violin.

The swaras suffixing the compositions, though crisp and many, were rather monotonous.
Krupa Phadke ,the founder and director of of Nrityagiri performing Art Center, gave a solo performance of   Bharatanatyam.

‘Bhavayami Raghuramam’, a Swati Tirunal kriti was  the sole piece chosen, which went upto an hour and forty five minutes. The kriti seemed to be only instrumental to Krupa.
Her imagination, her innovative mind and hard work spoke much more.

Each episode of Ramayana came to life and the viewers could visualise each character – be it Sita, Rama, Kaikeyi, Dasharata, Guha, Manthara, Bharata, Shurpanakha, Hanuman or Ravana-and feel their presence individually.  

The viewers saw Krupa as Krupa only at the beginning of the programme. In the next five minutes, each of the viewers were totally transcended into a different world - the age of Tretayuga.

Each of the characters was a character Personified.  Even small  gestures like Ravana  gesturing his left hand as if to say,’Why right hand? My left hand will suffice to lift this bow!’ –was beautifully portrayed. 

And Krupa looked most beautiful in the guise of Hanuman ! The episode of Jatayumoksha  was missing though and that of Rama-Ravana  battle was hurried through.