This circle is named after its people!

This circle is named after its people!

For the people

The Citizen’s Circle near Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) office at Kuvempunagar, in Mysore. Dh photo By Prashanth H G

Naming a circle after prominent personalities isn’t new. What’s rather different is, christening a circle after the citizens. Don’t be surprised. A small junction near Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) revenue collection office at Kuvempunagar in the city, is named as ‘Naagarika Vruththa’ meaning ‘Citizens’ Circle’ in English. The credit goes to area Corporator Sunanda Palanetra (ward 15), who thought of the unique name, when compared to the existing circles in the cultural capital.

A pillar made of iron holds a an iron globe at the top-thus completing the circle. Giving equal prominence to both Kannada and English languages, the name of the circle written on an iron plate is fixed on the globe.

The corporator told City Herald, what compelled her to go for the circle was the vacant land that had been posing an ugly picture since it was unused. Besides, one cannot think of a city without citizens, so also the elected representatives.

She then went ahead, employing the services of an engineer in giving a shape to her plan. “When I started with the project, I didn’t even think of the funds that could be required”, the corporator said.

Moreover, she had seen quite a similar circle elsewhere, that inspired her to replicate in a different way. To instill a sense of patriotism, she also had thought of putting up a painting of India Map, but abandoned later, fearing desecration. “if anybody damages the same, the good efforts takes a negative turn”, the corporator said.

Initially, there was some differences of opinion with Mayor Sandesh Swamy who is also the Chairman of the Committee formed to name the circles disapproving the very name.

Sunanda Palanetra didn’t accept the defeat easily, remained non-chalant and pressed for retaining the name, convincing the mayor about its significance. The Mayor passed an order recently, much to the delight of the councillor.

When the public are being taken for granted, distancing them from their due, a corporator’s mite in paying tribute to them, is noteworthy.

Now, what’s new is, a bus stop is coming up at the circle shortly. About two to three KSRTC buses are expected to halt for a while. It may add a new lease of life to the circle, the corporator felt.