Taking 'art-route' to empower women

Taking 'art-route' to empower women


creative Nishat Gaffar displays her creation at Curio City, in Mysore. DH PHOTOs by Prashanth H G

First thing that strikes you when you meet Nishat Gaffar is her undying enthusiasm for anything new. A full time mother of three, with eldest daughter married and settled in the USA, Nishat is raring to do much more for women who seek to attain financial empowerment. “All they need to do is hone their skills and learn to present their art in a way that it finds a market. Road ahead is smoother,” she says. 

It has been 22 years since she embarked on the road of art and has never looked back. Her shop or rather shopping complex of art, Curio City was born at her house in NR Mohalla.

It was later shifted to Jayalakshmipuram, before it she settled for a serene house in Yadavgiri, tucked away in the bylanes dotted by trees and loads of silence that can help create masterpieces of art.

You name any piece of art, and chances are, she has it.

“Painting, embroidery, pottery, stained glasses, candle making, mehandi, cooking, landscaping, interior designing, decorative Bonsai plants, Ikebana...if you know what you want to learn, I can help you find ways of learning it well,” she says. Though she is multifaceted, she does not teach everything herself. “I have a network of teachers who will ensure students learn well and in a systematic manner,” she says.

The best aspect about her classes are they are customised. If you are a homemaker who can set aside few hours between home, hearth, husband and children; you can set your time here and decide how long you would want to learn.

“I don’t push my students to finish a particular class within stipulated time. It is important that they learn leisurely, and gain expertise at their own pace. For, they turn into my brand ambassadors,” says Nishat.

At Curio City, there is always a way and time to learn whatever you desire to, even in less time. “I have women coming from abroad for a few days who desire to learn something. If nothing else, I teach them the basics and help them gain orientation into improving further. I do have courses for those who just have four days to spare too!” she says.

Her institution Ayman Creations is recognised by state government, she has about 100 customised courses that can fit everyone’s bill.

Courtesy the recognition, those who come from dire financial background are never turned away from Curio City for want of fees money.

As of now, Nishat is busy preparing to handle little brats from different parts of the city, who converge at Curio City for a summer camp where they will learn painting to pottery through the day from March 25. 

For more details, mail curiosity_mysore@yahoo.coma